“Our Friday evening dance lessons at John’s home studio in the Palisades were such a wonderful experience and will always be some of my favorite wedding memories.  John took us from stumbling to confidently completing our wedding dance and we had a lot of fun learning along the way.  Watching the sun set over the ocean while learning to dance was an amazing added bonus.”

– Alex and Rhys

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“Hey John we keep the watching the video over and over. What a great feeling. Thank you so much man. You really crushed it for us. I can’t believe you were able to teach us that. Unreal. The videographer said it was incredible. Thank you so much.”

John and Veronica

Hi John!

I was actually going to email you to tell you, but didn’t want to be a bother. It actually went amazing.

It really went so well! The band played the song way too fast, (you warned us!), and though we totally were not expecting that, we adjusted and we’re still able to execute the entirety of the routine. We felt so happy with ourselves and got a full standing ovation and people were screaming and cheering from the very first spin in with the lunge. Screams and cheers only got more and more with the lift and the dip and continued throughout. 

Tons of people cried and I got emails from my close friend’s parents who couldn’t make it, but saw our dance, singing praises… thank you so much, John! 

So many people posted it to their “live” social media feeds, so we weren’t able to get a full copy of a saved video yet, but I have a few stills. When I get home from the honeymoon I am going to ask around for a video of the dance to send you!

We loved it and we owe you all the thanks in the world. Farris’ mom said her friends at tennis are still talking about it and showing their videos of the dance to the other women each day. You are absolutely amazing.

We love you and miss you! Thank you for everything! Sorry for not writing sooner.

Hope you’re doing great!! Sending you huge twirling hugs!


– Marissa (and Farris)


We knew we wanted to do something special for our 1st dance and make it unforgettable for our family and friends. From our first lesson with John, we knew we found the perfect teacher. It is impossible to ignore John’s passion for his craft and his commitment to his students. We greatly enjoyed the few months we spent with John learning the routine for our big day, and to see the look on the faces of our family and friends (not to mention the crazy applause and the cheering once we finished), was worth every penny! We will definitely be back to continue our dance training and if you’re a newly engaged couple you MUST give John a call now!

John, we killed it! Can’t thank you enough…People couldn’t believe what
they witnessed.

– Eugene Tuzkov


Amanda & David

Kavita & Sudeep

Barbara & George

Adam & Jackie


Dance Doctor –
Sorry you missed it! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We did “OK” but you were awesome! Thank you Dance Dr. You are the greatest!
– Jackie & Adam Sandler, Meatball and Matzoball

I just wanted thank you so much for our dance lessons. We took quite a while to actually get there, but we truly enjoyed it – even Charlie! Thank you so much for getting us started!
– Kristina & Charles Jenkins

Brent and I wanted to thank you for teaching us to dance for our October wedding. We are happy to report that the first dance was a success and I don’t think we’ll ever be able to listen to Sting’s “Fields of Gold” without hearing “slow, quick, quick…” We had a blast learning from you, it was one of our favorite parts of the “wedding planning” process! The best part is that we will be able to use what we learned for the rest of our lives. We still can’t believe you were able to teach us to dance – you truly have a gift! Thank you, Thank you!
– Katie & Brent

Our dance turned out beautifully! We had such a terrific time, everyone loved it.
– Amanda & David

Thank you for all the hard work. I had a wonderful time with you!!
– Ling

We were privileged to have John choreograph the first dance for our wedding. In addition to coming up with a swing routine that fit the song perfectly (it was Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, because the world does not need any more Sinatra first dances), John took two people with no experience dancing swing and made it look like we knew what we were doing. John is a seasoned pro who will have you doing it the right way, and will steadily and firmly correct you until you get it. He doesn’t accept half measures!

Think about all the ridiculous stuff you’re going to have at your wedding that no one will notice, cut a few of those items, and make room in your budget to make that moment when everybody’s watching really memorable. The Dance Doctor will make it happen!
– Steve & Meredith