Swing is a social dance made up of various lively dance moves such as lifting, spinning and turning. Swing dancing lessons Los Angeles may include several era dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston (dance), Shag, and Balboa. Swing dancing is a collective term used to refer to these dances.Swing dancing is a favorite dance of the young and elderly alike. This is one of the most popular social dances. Swing is a non-progressive dance. This means the dancing is often contained in one area of the danced floor.

It can be danced even if the floor is crowded.When you attend classes on swing dancing lessons Los Angeles, you will learn the various steps and techniques of the dance. Just like the usual ballroom dance, swing is a partner dance. The partners face each other and they simply hold hands. It does not require formal positioning like in ballroom dancing where the lady places her hands on the shoulders while the man’s hands are wrapped around her waist.The Lindy Hop is the most popular style of swing dancing. However, most people start with learning the East Coast Swing because it is the easiest. This dance is derived from Foxtrot.East Coast Swing steps for men involve triple steps to the left on Counts One and Two. Then triple steps to the right on Counts Three and Four. On Count Five, you step backward using the left foot.

Then finally, on Count Six, the weight shifts to the Right foot. The woman does the reverse steps of men starting with triple steps to the right.The steps in swing are fast and light. The steps are easy to learn. You can start dancing the swing in matter of minutes. Once you know the steps, swing dancing will come naturally. A word of caution, the dance can be habit-forming.Swing music is varied. The styles may include hip-hop, rock-n-roll, jazz, funk, R&B and pop. The music used will influenced the kind of swing dancing. Often swing dancers choose a variety of music from slow beats to faster ones.Swing is often the dance of choice in weddings, debuts and prom nights. It is easy to learn and provides a lot of fun. This dance allows you to add your personal techniques. You will be taught the basic steps in swing dancing lessons Los Angeles, but your instructor will most likely expect you to add your personal style to it.