Salsa dance lessons Los Angeles are offered in a number of venues. You can take part of salsa lessons in a group class, a dance studio, community centers, private lessons and workshops.The most important thing you need to learn in a salsa class is the basic dance steps. Once you know the basics, you can easily assimilate in salsa dance clubs. The basics provide the foundation for the complex steps, techniques and partnering skills.To practice what you learn in salsa class, you have to look for a dance partner. Find a salsa partner that has similar skill level with you.

It will not be beneficial if your partner is more advanced because you will have a hard time keeping up.Also, seasoned dancers will not find your dancing up to par and might get bored pairing with you. They have learned more complex moves like doing salsa shine, spinning and twirling. These steps are reserved for skillful salsa dancers not for beginners.The salsa dance is a partner dance made up of a lead and a follow. The lead is always the male. The follow is played by the female. The role of the lead is to direct the steps of the follow. The follow cannot pre-empt or predict the move of the lead. She has to let the lead guide her all throughout the dance. The lead must also strive to make the follow look good by not forcing her to do dance moves beyond her skill level. Each must learn to give and take.In salsa dance lessons Los Angeles, the first things you will come to know are the basic salsa steps. The steps are composed of eight counts. Count one, the lead moves forward with left foot.

On Count two, the weight is transferred to the right foot. Count three, the left moves next to the right foot and then hold. Count Five, he steps back with his right foot. Count Six, he transfers the weight to his left foot. Counts Seven and Eight, right moves next to the left foot and hold. These foundational steps are done over and over again throughout the entire dance. This is the reason why it is critical for the dancer to master the basics. When you master the basics in salsa dance lessons Los Angeles, you can now proceed to learn the other more complicated moves such as spinning, twirling, drops, turning, solos and combinations. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you want.