Breaking, locking and popping are customary words you hear every day, but these have arcane meaning to staunch hip hop fanatics. In their own hip hop vernacular, these words pertain to hip hop dance moves considered to be the oldest and most revered hip hop styles. So the next time you see someone dressed in oversized clothing utter pop ‘n lock or a groupie donning pricey throwback jerseys matched with platinum-finished bling-bling babble on breakin’ or B-boying, then you have just seen a bona fide hip hopper talking about improvising hip hop dance moves.Hip hop literally swept the dance industry by storm when it was first introduced in the 70s. This brand new style of dance routine easily penetrated mainstream as it became a physical manifestation of using urban youth’s curbed energies as well as uncovering one’s raw dance talent by way of neighborhood street dance battles. Today, the hip hop culture gained world recognition when a reality hip-hop dance competition on MTV, America’s Best Dance Crew, aggressively promoted it on national television. Almost everybody, young and grown-up alike, wants to glide, float, and slide while dancing to an effervescent hip hop dance tune.

To level the playing field, numerous dance lesson clubs mushroomed in many countries to accommodate the overwhelming craze for hip hop dances. When the hip hop dance genre traversed different regions in the United States, Los Angeles embraced it enthusiastically. Having been home to distinguished institutions covering an expansive range of professional and sociocultural fields, Los Angeles became a premiere seat to the hip hop genre. Every dance studio in Los Angeles offers at least one hip-hop class. Major dance studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, Hollywood Dance Center, and Turnout Performing Arts Center offer intensive hip hop dance lessons and courses for greenhorns and master classes for serious performers.

Hip hop lessons also greatly appeal young and adult age groups. Hip hop dance classes can be an hour a day or on a scheduled basis. There are daytime and evening lessons or one working individual could avail of their weekend classes as well. Rates vary and it can be as low as $5 per class to very steep coaching fees which celebrities in the ranks of Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake do not seem to mind at all. These top figures in the Hollywood scene patronize these studios just to get methodical hip hop and other dance classes in preparation for any engagement that they might be in. So, whether its passion burning inside your guts or you’re just wanting to break it out and enjoy hip hop, learning hip hop dance lessons Los Angeles-style is just the one for you.